Respect for the rules

Respect for people


Producteam has included in the team of managers the figure of the Security Manager with the aim of creating a virtuous and transparent work process both within the company thanks to constant control over the work of employees and the supply chain, and at external, with suitable procedures to ensure maximum rigor with respect to current regulations in terms of safety, transparency and sustainability.

Benedetto Lauretti

Security Manager
After an experience as a Security Senior Specialist in FedEx / TNT Italy, Benedetto comes to Producteam to ensure the correctness of internal and external procedures from the point of view of security and transparency. From 1978 to 2018 he served in the Corps of Carabinieri and took leave with the rank of General.


The work of the Security Manager, in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001 and other regulations on security for the Italian market, is based on some guidelines that address the changes underway also in the sector of the organization of events and great live shows.
  • 1

    Determination of internal rules and procedures for managers, employees, collaborators and supply chain.

  • 2

    Control over regular compliance with internal procedures with periodic verification meetings.

  • 3

    Determination of external rules and procedures relating to the execution of the works with particular reference to the regulations in force in terms of work safety, corruption and anti-mafia.

  • 4

    Control over regular compliance with external procedures with pre and post event verification meetings.

  • 5

    Periodic refresher courses for internal and external staff on current regulations in terms of safety and transparency.

In every culture, Ethics is synonymous with morality. They have the same etymological root: ethics comes from the Greek èthos, moral comes from the Latin mos. Both terms mean "behavior, custom." In a broad sense, it is the set of moral and custom rules that identify a precise behavior in the life of a relationship with reference to particular situations. professional activities carried out by the company.

Absolutely it is a complex and difficult discipline to follow and apply in everyday life and in the business world. It is about choosing what is good and what is bad. In private life and in public, professional life. It might seem arrogant but it is crucial to give yourself rules and communicate them to others. Clearly and unambiguously.

Producteam has created a code of ethics that you can download in the link below and which governs our activities, both within the company and externally. We have set ourselves rules and we make every effort to respect and enforce them.

We have determined them on the basis of our experience and thanks to the long public and private experience of our Security Manager.
It will be his task to ensure compliance with the utmost autonomy and independence.