Innovation in Events

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    Break down the boundaries between the two ``worlds`` and arrive at a unique, simple, inclusive, rewarding experience.

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    The digital space allows an interaction as rewarding as the physical one; Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) data analysis (Big data and Small data) 5G make real space as fluid and responsive as digital space.

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    Companies and the public constantly dialogue in this flow of experiences by looking for new points of contact trust and gratification in a continuous customer journey based mainly on the mobile experience.

Digital Interactions

Leap motion is one of the technological solutions we work on to make the experience in an event more and more interactive and rewarding.
Play to get to know the Livy project: the audience interacts with the plants by managing the lighting and the soundtrack. In partnership with WhiteKiwi.

Micro Mapping

After years of applying video mapping on large surfaces (buildings, walls of locations during events) we are carrying out micro mapping projects on small products or objects. The projection technologies are hidden in a box above which the product is displayed. The result is surprising and engaging.
In partnership with WhiteKiwi.
Watch the video.

Phygital Installations

When mechanics meets digital technology, the interaction becomes unique and exciting.
In the video the project created for the Foundation for Africa Burkina Faso. Italy and Burkina Faso united to make flowers and hope grow together.
Done for Stylum.

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices increase the public's experience during events or on special occasions such as a visit to a museum or participation in a sporting event. In the video an example of a prototype made with Google Glass for the Egyptian museum of Turin in collaboration with ENS, the Italian deaf national body.
Made by Valerio Saffirio with Rokivo Inc.